Workshop Testimonials

“Eric inspired our class — not only with ideas about how we could have more joy in our lives — but also by allowing us to see heartfelt enthusiasm for his own journey — and his childlike, playful delight at the wonder of life. I was riveted by his straightforward, interesting stories from the latest happiness research. From week to week, our fellow students reported experiencing dramatic increases in happiness due to the tools he was sharing.” – John M.

“Eric exudes energy and happiness–he’s the perfect model for what he is teaching. He also shares his imperfections, keeping the sessions realistic and nonthreatening. He shares lots of fun exercises and provocative ideas to get you thinking positively and feeling better!” — Sue L.

“I love your intelligent and grounded approach to a topic that many think is just light and fluff. Great combination of research, stories, reading and interaction. I literally feel happier and lighter right now and am excited to get home to put some suggestions into action. Great energy!” — Dr. Jenn, In the Den with Dr. Jenn  (

“Eric’s enthusiasm and passion for this topic is obvious and infectious. His presentations are personable, friendly and based on solid research in the field. Eric is very accepting of the workshop participant’s wide variety of life conditions and challenges. He reminds us that the objective is to improve our own happiness level, not try to reach an unobtainable endless bliss. Thanks to Eric’s workshop, I am more aware of the tools and opportunities I have to enhance and improve my happiness!” – Norm S.

“Eric’s classes are very practical: he presents specific ways to be happier — ways that are easy and fun.” – John

“The choosing happiness workshops were the perfect intervention for me at a time when I began falling back into some negative thought patterns. I learned and was reminded of many tools I can access at any time to increase happiness, for myself and for the people who love me. Eric is sincere and has a bright and positive personality. He led us through the material in an interactive way. I’m looking forward to another class with him.” – Patricia

“Eric practices what he preaches. He’s an up-beat, happy, proactive person who actively seeks joy in every situation. Ask a lot of happy people why they’re so happy and they’ll smile and say, “I don’t know.” Ask Eric and he’ll tell you! He’s done the reading, the research and the personal work to know. He’s got the professional grounding and personal style to lead and motivate a class toward happiness.” – Scott G.


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